Sustainability Analysisi Golf Simulator

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Indoor Golf Simulator

Chapter 1 Introduction
The innovation for Grand Hotel Karel V in Utrecht is to construct two golf simulators in the already existing room, the ‘Maria Hongarije Room’. One of the reasons for this decision is the fact that the 13 conference rooms are currently not used efficiently. The golf simulators are an extra sport facility next to the existing fitness facilities in the hotel. Besides the golf simulator itself the room will entail a comfortable lounge area where the guests can relax and watch their fellow players playing and a corner where they could place their belongings. Beverage orders will be transferred to the f&b department where the staff will prepare the orders and deliver them to the golf simulator room.  In order to implement a sustainable innovation on a long-term basis the three aspects of the “triple bottom line” (Sawitz, 2006), consisting out of the three aspects people, planet and profit, need to go hand in hand. The following paper will present an analysis of these aspects by answering the following problem statement: How sustainable can the innovation be implemented and how are the three aspects of the triple bottom line balanced when implementing the innovation? The Analysis consists out of two main aspects; firstly the people aspect, which is composed out the amount of required employees, their contracts and required qualities for the several guests with different wants and needs different employees are present to answer their wishes in a competent and satisfying way. These employees need to bring different qualities and competences in order to provide the promised and expected high class service of a five star hotel. The second aspect covered in this paper is the planet aspect describing the innovation’s impact on the environment. The final part of this paper presents the overall sustainable feasibility of the innovation combined with an advice for the most and the least sustainable scenario. Chapter 2 Analysis

People aspect 1  
For all the different guests, whether experienced golfer or interested beginners, skilled employees need to be chosen and trained appropriately. One employee will care for the daily guests (approximately 20 daily) in the days with general lower occupancy in the hotel with a lower reservation amount for the golf simulator ( Tuesday till Thursday), whereas 2 employees will be present during the high demand hours. In total three employees will be needed to operate the new facility six days a week. These employees will have a changed part-time contract with a fixed amount of 34 hours including 25 days of holidays a year. As mentioned in the finance paper The Collective Labour Agreement (Collective Labour Agreement, 2012) of the hospitality business indicates that an employee in scale V working 34 hours per week will be earning at least 1,528.93 euro per month. Moreover an employer is obliged to guarantee its employees 2 days of rest within the week, leading to an average working day of 6, 5 hours a day for each employee ( collective labour agreement). This scarce amount of employees supports the economic feasibility of the innovation.  However experienced and demanding guests expect a professional service provided by skilled employees with the required knowledge. It is needless to say that the existing staff is not able to provide the service of a professional golf instructor with years of experience. Moreover the training to guarantee a high level of service quality would exceed the feasibility of the project. For these reasons a co-operation with a golf instructor will be realized who provides individual trainings and is able to help with expert feedback. This cooperation will be entered with a regional golf club and the instructor will be booked on demand in advance.  Concluded it can be stated that the number of employees is sufficient to operate the golf simulator and to provide satisfying working conditions....
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