Suspension Design

Topics: Camber angle, Suspension, Car handling Pages: 47 (13074 words) Published: April 29, 2013
This task is about to design a suspension system for a single seated vehicle. Throughout this task, we have come to some step in designing a best suspension system that meet the requirement given. In this report, we have obtained our working process as first of all, we have come out with ideas and concept of our suspension system through brainstorming and doing some research. There are many concepts of suspension system that we obtained, but at last we have to choose the best one. Next step in designing the suspension system is all about doing analysis of the design that we have choose. In this step, the results of analysis determined whether our design is acceptable and safe to be use or not. We considered many aspects as to get best efficiency and to make sure the design achieved the requirement. In the next phase of this report, it is about detail drawing of our design and the cost estimation in designing our suspension system. There had been a number of parts of suspension system that has been design in order to achieve a good efficiency of the suspension system performances. This study was then conducted by the professional in order to identify other important aspect such as how the suspension system works, what is the best design of suspension system that required for the certain single seated vehicle design. Specifically, this report aimed to identify and create a good suspension system by doing an analysis and simulation by using CATIA software. There are some advantages and disadvantages of the design were also identified. To gather the needed data, some researched about the suspension system also CATIA software was used. Based on the analysis that has been made, the results showed that the design is safe to be used.

The aim of this project was to create a design for a suspension system for a single seated vehicle, suspension is the term given to the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels. The main criteria that need to be focus in designing a suspension system is the type of suspension that suitable, the shape of the A-arm, upright and also how to determine the roll centre of the suspension system. Other than that, the selection material also is required. Suspension system is one of the most important parts that must have in every car. This is because the object of a suspension system is to isolate the body and its occupants from the irregularities of the road surface. Besides that it is important as to keep the tires on the ground all the time. If there were no suspension, the tires would tend to lift off the ground every time they passed over a bump at the same time. It is important for the suspension to keep the road wheel in contact with the road surface as much as possible, because all the forces acting on the vehicle do so through the contact patches of the tires. A description of the design and an analysis of operational efficiency of the suspension system are followed by doing a comparison and doing a simulation. Finally, the most cost efficient design is recommended.


Figure 3.0: Kennedy theorem of three center.

Aronhold–Kennedy theorem of three centers : when three bodies move relative to one another they have three instantaneous centers all of which lie on the same straight line. Iwb can be varied by angling the upper and lower wishbones to different positions, thereby altering the load transfer between inner and outer wheels in a cornering maneuver. This gives the suspension designer some control over the handling capabilities of a vehicle (Smith,2002) During braking there is a tendency for the sprung mass to “dive” (nose down) and while during acceleration the reverse occurs, with the nose lifting and the rear end “squatting” (Smith, 2002) Because the wheel is held by the road surface, it cannot move downwards (or the car must be jacked up). So, the car will be pushed upwards by...
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