Suspense in the Film North by North West

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  • Published : March 20, 2012
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How Suspense is Created through Use of Setting and Camera Technique in North by Northwest
Alfred Hitchcock's film North by Northwest reflects an extraordinary use of setting combined with brilliant camera angles and techniques to evoke emotion and to create suspense. The film's exciting and suspenseful tone is established very quickly once Thornhill is shockingly kidnapped by two thugs while socializing with friends in a safe and public environment, the Plaza Hotel. Also the film displays scenes in which the viewer is placed in the point of view of the characters. Therefore immediate suspense and emotion captivates the audience because each viewer feels as though they are in the actual scene themselves. In addition, real-life suspense is created through the film's brilliant use of various camera angles and techniques. The film has the ability to create suspense through its unique use of setting, combined with its remarkable use of different camera angles.

In the beginning of the film, Thornhill is kidnapped while at a busy and sophisticated bar within the Plaza Hotel. This is a unique setting for a kidnapping scene because Thornhill is abducted while socializing with friends in a safe and familiar setting. Normally characters are kidnapped dark, scary, and secluded settings where there are no witnesses. Instead, Hitchcock does the opposite by having Thornhill kidnapped in a busy bar during the middle of the day. He is surprisingly captured in a comfortable setting that was very much a part of his upscale and suave lifestyle. Hence the audience is stunned to see the plot change dramatically during the most unexpected moment and setting.

Along with great use of setting, the film also uses spectacular camera techniques in order to create suspense and evoke the emotions of the viewer. For instance, the crop field scene features an astonishing setting combined with great camera angles. The scene has a suspenseful tone because it occurs...
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