Susie King Taylor

Topics: American Civil War, African American, North Carolina Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Susie King Taylor: Teacher, Nurse, Author
“It seems strange how our aversion to seeing
suffering is overcome in war … and instead
of turning away, how we hurry to assist in
alleviating their pain, bind up their wounds,
and press cool water to their parched lips,
with feelings only of sympathy and pity.”
Susie King Taylor, c. 1902
Courtesy East Carolina University

Born: 1848
Died: 1912
Profession: Nurse

Born into Slavery: Susie King Taylor was born into slavery. At age seven, her owner allowed her to live with her grandmother in Savannah, Georgia. She went to two secret schools to learn to read and write. Her teachers were other African American women.

Nurse and Teacher: During the Civil War, Taylor worked as a
nurse and teacher. Like most Civil War nurses, she did not go to school to learn to be a nurse. She learned on the job. She was also one of the few blacks who could read and write, so she taught free blacks and former slaves. She served the 33rd Regiment of the United States Colored Troops for more than three years, alongside her husband, Edward King, a sergeant in the regiment. Like many African American nurses, Taylor was never paid for her work as a nurse during the Civil War.

Author: Susie King Taylor wrote a book about her life. Her book tells her experiences as an African American nurse during the American Civil War. The book is the only one, ever written, that tells what it was like to be an African American nurse during the Civil War! The title of the book is Reminiscences of My Life in Camp.


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Reminiscences of My Life in Camp
with the 33rd United States Colored
Troops Late 1st S.C. Volunteers,
Susie King Taylor, 1902
Courtesy East Carolina University

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