Sushi Versus Meat Pie

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Australia-Japan Relations Essay:
Sushi roll VS The Meat Pie
The two groups, the Australian and the Japanese, both say that they are proud of their food. They narrowed this wide category of food down to their most well known types of food of their country. The Japanese students focused on their sushi and the Australian students had centred upon their meat pie. Japanese Perspective:

The Japanese people chose that Sushi was what made them proud and decided to explain to the Australian students the history of sushi. Sushi used to be a process of storing raw fish. Back then raw fish was wrapped in fermented rice for preservation. This was called Nare-sushi and it was stored for a few months. They then discarded the fermented rice and the fish was consumed. Nare-sushi was a good supply of protein. Seisei-sushi was the most popular type of sushi during the Muromachi period, which was the fish eaten with rice. The raw fish was eaten with the rice while it was fresh and the process of preserving fish was no longer used and was now a Japanese cuisine. Today the sushi dish internationally known as "sushi" (nigirizushi; Kantō variety) is a fast food invented by Hanaya Yohei (華屋与兵衛; 1799 - 1858) at the end of Edo period in today's Tokyo (Edo). After the Japanese explained the history of sushi they told the Australian students about a sushi called haya-sushi. A third type of sushi called haya-sushi was introduced during the Edo period. The sushi was assembled so the rice and fish could be eaten together. This type of sushi was distinct as the rice was not used for fermentation and the rice would be mixed with vinegar. The Japanese students then briefly described the different types of sushi after explaining what haya-sushi was.

| Nigiri
Nigiri-zushi are small rice balls with different types of seafood on top of the rice. Some of the type of seafood that are placed on the rice are: tuna, shrimp, eel, squid, and octopus.| | Gunkan

Gunkan-zushi is...
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