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James A. Fitzsimmons and Mona J. Fitzsimmons, New Service Development: Creating Memorable Experiences, Editors, Sage Publications, 2000

A contributed volume that has chapters from leading service researchers covering topics in three areas: service innovation, service process design, and service process implementation.

Leonard A. Schlesinger and James L. Heskett, "The Service-Driven Service Company," Harvard Business Review, September-October 1991, pp. 71-81.

The authors use Taco Bell as an example to describe how dead-end service jobs can be avoided. Taco Bell, by moving the kitchen off-site, allows employees and managers to focus on serving customers rather than manufacturing meals. This article is an excellent critique of the production-line approach to service design.

Case: Taco Bell Corporation (HBS Case 9-692-058)

Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant chain serving Mexican food that is formulated to appeal to the American general public. As of 1991, the company had gone through a remarkable transformation and was hailed by the press and industry experts as having revolutionized the fast food world. The new delivery process, referred to as K-minus (kitchen moved out of the restaurant to a central facility), illustrates the design strategy of separating physically the front-and back-office operations. The impact on employees, managers, and the firm are explored.

Case: Alaska Airlines (HBS case 9-800-004)

Alaska Airlines, serving west coast cities from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has won awards for providing outstanding customer service. Faced with price competition from Southwest Airlines, Alaska is introducing frontline technology and customer self-service options to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Case: Caruso's Pizza (HBS Case 9-687-071)

Caruso's Pizza is a small, entrepreneurial restaurant chain. Its owner is considering an experimental pizza delivery system (called "express delivery") that involves a major process innovation, producing pizzas to inventory and storing them on trucks equipped with ovens. The system promises faster delivery of higher-quality pizza, but, as yet, is an unproven technology. At the same time a computerized one-phone-number order entry system is under consideration.

Case: Cultivating Capabilities to Innovate: Booz-Allen & Hamilton (HBS case 9-698-027)

Case describes the efforts of the president to understand and improve the way that new products, services, and processes are developed and deployed throughout the firm. Proactive management of these processes proves very difficult because of the firm’s decentralized decision structure and the firm’s cultural predisposition to listen to its existing customers.


The class breaks into small groups and prepares a service blueprint for Village Volvo.

PhysicalGarageCleanWaitTow Truck Wait
EvidenceWaiting AreaInteriorBillUniform Van



Line of Visibility **********************************************************


Village Volvo Blueprint


1. Prepare a service blueprint for the 100 Yen Sushi House operation.

PhysicalClean Wait Looks AttractiveFood Cash EvidenceSmell



Line of Visibility ****************************************************************


100 Yen Sushi House Blueprint

2. What features of the 100 Yen Sushi House service delivery system differentiate it from the competition, and what competitive advantages do they offer?

The main differentiating factor of 100 Yen Sushi House is its production-line approach to food preparation and service. Even the customers are included in the production line. The rate at which customers enter the...
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