Susan B Anthony

Topics: Women's suffrage, Women's rights, United States Constitution Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Susan B. Anthony 1820 – 1906
Through her accomplishments and persistent dedication to “the cause”, the woman suffrage movement, Susan B. Anthony became one of the most historically significant figures in American history. Her life long fight for women’s rights led to the 1920 passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. Born in 1820, Susan was one of six children to Daniel and Lucy Anthony. Daniel, a 6th generation Quaker, believed in equal treatment for boys and girls. Although in the 1800’s most girls did not receive a formal education, because of her father’s belief of equality, all four of the Anthony girls were given the same opportunity as their two brothers and was able to attend a private Quaker boarding school in Philadelphia (World Book Encyclopedia). The temperance movement, anti-slavery movement and women’s rights were some of the reform movements that the Anthony family was very active in. Her knowledge and involvement with these movements became the foundation on which she built her life. In 1852, Ms. Anthony attended a Sons of Temperance state convention and because she is a woman she was not allowed to speak in the temperance rally, instead she was told to “listen and learn”. Due to her experience at this state convention as well as her meeting with Elizabeth C. Stanton, she attended her first women’s rights convention. It was at this convention that Anthony was quoted saying “that the right which woman needed above every other, the one indeed which would secure to her all the others, was the right of suffrage” (Linder 2011, pg 1). Both Stanton and Anthony advocated and worked for reforms for their sex, including property rights, custody rights, and the right to education and gainful employment (Hartmann 2012, pg 600). Susan B. Anthony along with her friend Elizabeth C. Stanton founded the National Woman’s Suffrage Association in 1869, where they worked together, for women’s suffrage, for over fifty years. The year 1872 brought and event to...
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