Susan Dellinger: Psycho-Geometrics

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Susan Dellinger: Psycho-Geometrics
I love great public speakers. I've seen some great ones in my life. They captivate the audience, entertain, educate, even make you laugh. The most important part is that they make it look effortless and natural. Susan Dellinger, the speaker for the video, "Psycho-Geometrics" is one of them. Her presentation was incredibly entertaining, interesting, and funny. But the focal point was definitely Ms. Dellinger herself. The level of excitement in her voice was great, her confidence and knowledge on the subject was pronounced, and she had amazing energy. The only criticism I can really come up with is that she may have been a little too animated at times.

The moment she started speaking, you could tell she was really into Psycho-Geometrics. She spoke clearly and enthusiastically. I was intrigued and interested from the first few sentences myself, and I felt like it was because of her level of excitement. If she presented it in a more "educational" or "professional" manner I might not have paid much attention at first.

There was not a moment where Ms. Dellinger hesitated, paused, or even contemplated on her subject matter. She knew it all of it by heart, probably even by soul. I didn't question her credibility at all, she spoke with such confidence and conviction it was incredibly impressive.

You can just tell, when a speaker is talking, if they have a positive energy about them. Ms. Dellinger's energy was through the roof, she was so enthusiastic all you had to do was look at the audiences smiles to see it for yourself.

The one small thing I didn't like about the presentation was that she was a little too animated sometimes. She would pronounce words like "educated" very slowly with a hard D at the end. It was a little off-putting and felt like forced humor. Although the audience seemed to be into it so it might just be me.
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