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1.1 Background
Students undergoing Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) are required to go through intensive internship at a reputed business organization. So, this report has been prepared as a requirement for the partial fulfillment for the degree of MBA at KUSOM. The aim of this internship is to expose students to the real world scenario by providing them an opportunity to work as an employee in the mentioned organization. The working experience is expected to provide students with the practical exposure so that students understand the working culture, systems, structure, strategy, operations, methodology and activities that are carried out in an organization. This particular report sums up our internship at SNPL, a leading manufacturing organization and one of the highest tax payer of Nepalese government. SNPL is the leading cigarette manufacturer of Nepal and captures almost 75% of the total market share. The company had diversified itself in garment section by introducing international brands like John Player, Miss Player and local brand like Springwood and so far has been able to capture 10% of the market in this section. The company is also the marketer of matchstick named Teer which captures almost 70% of the total market share. As interns we worked in Trade Marketing Department under the supervision of Trade Manager. Trade Marketing is relatively new and modern concepts among business corporate in Nepal and SNPL claims itself as the first mover in this field. Trade Marketing emphasizes on achievements of sales & distribution objectives by maintaining the quality standard such as continuous product availability, building desired brand salience and imagery by implementing the high class visibility and high degree of trade relations to position as the Benchmark Supplier. Also the sales of a more profitable product mix and rigorous focus on costs is under priority of this department. As an intern we were exposed to trade marketing functions with frequent interaction with distribution channel including consumers, distributors, retailers and third party. 1.2 Goals/Objectives of Internship

A man without goal is like a rudderless boat. Having goal in life makes your life meaningful by providing specific direction to your life. As a marketing student undergoing internship at one of the top FMCG company of Nepal i.e. SNPL, it was very important for us to set certain objectives that are clear, specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and timely so as to make the optimum use of the opportunity. The objectives that are set for internship are: * Sound knowledge of marketing research technique, preparation of reports, communication to desired group of users and its application * Managing and leading marketing department

* Coordination of marketing department with the other functional departments in the organization * Best ways of segmenting, targeting and positioning brands in the market * Allocation of resources to various marketing activities * Knowledge on measurement, expansion and retention of customer base * Stakeholders role, presence, importance and involvement in the organization * Knowledge on securing talents from the market at workplace * Study of entrepreneurial culture

* Establish networking with the corporate world for facilitating career prospect after internship At last we believe that the internship will prove a solid learning opportunity for interns like us who aspire to become a marketing professional.

1.3 Roles/Jobs Performed in the Internship
1.3.1 Market Research
Phase 1: Path to Purchase and Impulse Buying Behavior
The first research was conducted so as to identify the Path to Purchase of Nepalese Shoppers i.e. to find out the buying behavior of Nepalese Shoppers. For this purpose, the overall responsibility of designing the research and collecting the data were given to...
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