Surviving Winter: How to Prepare for Winter

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Title: Surviving winter
Specific purpose: How to prepare for winter


A.Attention Materials: Did you know on average Minnesota gets 50 inches of snow a winter. Accroding to Minnesota dept. of Natural resources. “The twin cities are the coldest major population center in the United States, with an average or zero degrees or below 64 days each winter.

B.Tie to the audience: I’m sure all of us have experienced winter. Whether it was extremely light or extremely brutal. Being prepared is important.

C.Creditability material: Well I’m from Minneapolis, MN, where winter is extremely brutal. We have heavy snow, temps below zero, and wind chills in the negative. So being prepared for winter is something I know about.

D.Preview: I will explain three basic things, How to dress in the winter, how you can prepare your vehicle for winter, and how to winterize your home.

A.How to dress in the Winter
a)Make sure you have a coat or a heavy jacket("Stay Warm - How to Stay Warm and Healthy in Winter") b)Make sure you have a hat and gloves.
c)Make sure you have waterproof boots so that your feet stay dry. {Transition: Now that you know how to dress for the winter, let’s move on to preparing your car for winter} B.Prepare your car for winter.

a)Get all-purpose or snow tires ("Preparing Your Car For Winter Driving in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota - Preparing For Winter Driving in Minneapolis and St. Paul"). 1.Most cars have summer tires.

2.All purpose tires have more friction with the road so that you don’t go off the road, slid into someone else’s car. b)Have an extra pair of clothing and blanket in your car.
1.In case you get stranded you can stay warm and dry.
2.Make sure your heat works in your car.
c)You do not want you heat to stop working, there’s nothing like driving while it freezing in your car. {Transition: The last thing I’m going to talk about is how to get your home prepared for winter} C....
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