Surviving the Spanish Conquest

Topics: Inca Empire Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Hi, my name is Cava, and I am one of the Incas who survived the Spanish conquest. And this is my story…

Life before the arrival of the Spanish was very pleasant. My husband Maita and I, plus our two children, Tupac (our six year old son) and Urpi (our four year old daughter) all lived happily together in the city of Nazca. Maita was a high priest and I was an Acllyacona otherwise called a chosen woman. Together this made us very high in society.

Being an acllyancona I served as a weaver. I prepared textiles of llama and alpaca cloth. This was an essential part of Inca life. As Incas, we used these textiles as payment for the warfare or as gifts to high classed people. Also I made the clothes/garments for the Sapa Inca and for ritual use. As an acllyancona, I had many advantages to society.

I didn’t have to perform hard labour in the fields, which most Incas did and I always had enough food and clothing.

But my pleasant life all changed when the Spanish arrived, it became very unpleasant. The Sapa Inca called Maita and many other high priests and priestesses to travel with him to Cuzco, to visit the Spanish intruders. Majority of Incas such as Maita and I, had not even seen the Spanish yet and did not know who they were. When Maita left to go to Cuzco that was the last time I ever saw him. The chasqui (messengers) told us that the Spanish killed nearly everyone there in the city of Cuzco and took Sapa Inca as hostage. I was so upset that Maita was dead. As the Sapa Inca was hostage, he offered a room full of gold for his release freely. He kept his word however the Spanish did not. They killed him, took the gold and fled.

A little more then a year had passed and the Spanish apparently had not come back to our Incan Empire, until they appeared in my city. They appeared as strangers, protected by wearing full metal amour. They charged at us on huge animals, (which none of us had ever seen before) called horses. There was so many of them and each one of...
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