Surviving the Boss from Hell

Topics: Employment, 2009, Wage Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: July 2, 2011
Surviving the Boss from Hell – Case Study
Question 2 – Conduct research on the latest economic indicators. Cite your sources. Should these numbers influence David’s Decision? If yes, how? As seen in Werner and Desimone (Page 22) Figure 1 – Emerging Workplace Trends * The first one is Drastic Time, Drastic Measures – Uncertain economic conditions force organizations to reconsider how they can grow and be profitable. Which in return is making David wonder due to the economic conditions on how to grow. Economic Indicators: Provided by TSG – The trusted advisor to the payments industry. David should be looking at the following economic indicators: 1. Umemployment: As of 4th quarter in 2009, unemployment was a 9.7%. Economic Indicators: Provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 1. Wages and Salaries Employment Cost Index – Management, Professional, Related Management, Financial Professional Year 2009 (Same as case study) March 2009 to Dec. 2009

3 Month Endings – no change in percentage
12 Month Endings – dropped 1.3 percent.
This shows that the company due to the economy didn’t provide increase in wages and salaries. Could explain why it was the same grade and could show to have future gains.

2. Employee Tenure – Men (Employment Situation)
As stated by Dr. Giunta, on may 6th – 80% of boomer group expects to work after retirement. Looking at the Employee Tenure this is reinforced
60 to 64 Years – From 2006 to 2008 – Rose 4.3 Percent
65 and older – From 2006 to 2008 – Rose 11.7 Percent
From this, he should take the offer since the commodore by these statistics would probably be staying in his job with no future advancement in the company. 3. Layoffs – Reason for Layoffs – Insufficient amount of work (Employment Situation) 1st quarter of 2009 – Accounted for 252,222 people

4th quarter of 2009 – Accounted for 69,104 people
From this, he should not take the offer. Since Irving didn’t have him already or anyone in that position, the company...
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