Surviving Teenage Year Agenda Question Week 1

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  • Published : August 14, 2010
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Pospos, Darma
Surviving the Teenage Years
Episode 1:
1. What would you do if you discovered your teenager was using drugs or alcohol? * I would educate my teen about drugs through facts. Living the same standards of not using any drugs myself, would help the cooperation of my teen. Lastly I would notice my teen that I am worried about their condition. 2. What would you do if your teen spoke rudely to you?

* Behavior such as this will not be tolerated. I will work to understand my teen’s frustration in my own behavior. It is also important to not show any negativity to the child. 3. What would you do if you did not like the way your teen dressed? * Understanding their perspective would be most important in this condition. As I know, soon they will be an adult; I will understand that they are expanding their relationship from me. Instead of confronting them immediately, I will try to understand the style of clothing teens appeal to during that period of time. 4. What would you do if you notice that your teen was depressed for a long period of time? * Being present in their depression would improve teen’s trust towards your, making you an available choice for love and comfort. Listening to a teen is also important as they are willing to share. Their expression should not be ignored but instead, understood. 5. What kind of conflicts do you have with your parents? What can your parents do to improve the situation? What can you do? * Conflicts cross when I am judged by my characteristics. I think it’s important for my parents to give me some room to explore. If this deal is met I will try my best to cooperate to their demands.
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