Surviving in the Wild: Wild Hogs

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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MY REPORT IS ON WILD HOG AND HOW THEY SURVIVE IN THE WILD AND THEIR EFFECT ON THE ENVRIOMENT. The first true Pigs were brought to the United States by Hernando de Sota to the Atlantic Coast of Florida in 1539. The First "Pure Russian" wild boars were brought into the US by Austin Corbin. They were released into a 20,000 acre enclosure in Sullivan County New Hampshire in 1890. REPRODUCTION OF FERAL SWINE: Once a sow reaches breeding age at 7 or 8 months of age they can be responsible for 1,000 plus feral swine in a 5 year period. The State of Texas had an estimated population of around 2 MILLION at last check. (IF ¼ ARE BREEDING SOWS !?) The current contribution to the exploding feral swine population is HUMAN IGNORANCE, such as catch and release, or those who feel killing animals is cruel. Allowing them to populate unchecked would be a cruel blow to our native habitat and wildlife! IN YEARS PAST the major contributor to the feral hog population was attributed to the now obsolete practice of "free roam farming." Hog Farmers would brand/mark their hogs and release them into the open woods to roam free breed and grow. When the farmers were ready to gather the hogs they would round them up and herd them into catch pens with their Hog Dogs. The hogs were separated by their brand/mark and or breed and claimed by the farmers. As you can guess many were never recovered and they were left to roam free as feral hogs.

The downfall of Free Roam Farming is due to 2 factors. The first was dwindling space due to development and crop farms. The second was the demand for "Hard Fat. "Soft Fat" is no longer considered desirable food for the table. Feral Hogs are carriers of many diseases. Included are Swine Brucellosis, Pseudo rabies, tuberculosis and Hog Choler. How wild hogs Find food

Wild boars are large animals weighing up to 300 pounds. They can also be up to five feet long. Male boars have tusks. Both female and male boars have long snouts. They are...
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