Surviving Homework

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Surviving Homework

Surviving Homework

How to get motivated?

1. Set goals for yourself.
2. Set schedule for studying and write it down.
3. Do the homework you dislike the most first.
4. Ask for help from your parents.
5. Use rewards to mark your progress.
6. Find a way to turn your homework into something that interests you.

How to speed your progress

1. Remember that everyone works at different pace.
2. Work in your toughest homework first.
3. Clear our mind from other things before you work.
4. Don’t spend so much time in something you can not absorb. 5. Do your homework in small blocks of time.

How to concentrate?

1. Tackle your toughest project first.
2. Take a snack before you study.
3. Remove any distractions.
4. Try to do your homework early in the day.
5. Don’t bother procrastinating.

New Vocabulary

|WORD |MEANING | |MOTIVATED |Having reason to do something | |Goals |Aim. | |Schedule |Programme or timetable. | |Assignments |Homework. | |Rewards |Prize, Gift. | |Progress |DEVOLPMENT. | |Concentrate |Focus your attention. | |Break...
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