Survival Story

Topics: Police, Mother, High school Pages: 3 (1343 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Graham Davis
Mrs. Magaha
English 111-08
21 September 2012

Finish Up Strong
My senior year started off just like in movies I was the star football player that got everything handed to him. I made good grades; all of my teachers liked me. Basically, life was great. Things slowly started to change and they all hit at the same time. My teachers stopped letting me get away with turning in work late and being late to class. My parents stopped giving me money and told me I would have to get a job. I always thought jobs were pointless you bust your tail to receive minimum wage plus I was in football season so I surely wasn’t getting a job. These things started to get to me, altering my positive attitude. I felt as if no one cared, so why should I care. My attitude showed on the field, I wasn’t making anymore-big plays. I felt like I was in a bind, things just did not go in my favor. A couple months later, football was over and we finished the season with nine wins and three loses. I had won Best Player for my team the Gateway Gators. I had a few great colleges looking at me like Allegheny College, Juniata College, and the University of Toledo. Everything was going smoothly except I haven’t got an official football offer. I maintained average grades just to get by. Now that football season was over I had more time to hang out with friends. Around the second week of March, I was driving to pick up a friend so we can go hang out with our prom dates. Upon him getting in, I asked him if he had anything illegal on him. He said “C’mon G you know I’m good when I’m around you.” Halfway to my dates house, he received a phone that sounded like his mom yelling at him, telling to come home. He asked, “Can you take me home real quick? I will fill ya car up on gas.” I replied “Yeah.” Arriving to his apartment complex I got a weird feeling, but proceeded to drop him off. He said he'd be in and out, so I...
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