Survival Guide

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Sierra Coleman

Survival Guide

General Internet Skills: The student should first learn how to navigate through Axia's online system and in order to do so the student must complete a online orientation course that goes over all of the different links that are associated with taking an online class. Also University of Phoenix has numerous of tutorials that the student can watch before starting their classes to make sure they know the basics of using a computer, which is very important because if a student does not know the basics they probably won't be successful. The online system gives students proper ways to do online learning and proper etiquette, which is very important that a student read and learn about and take very seriously, this too can make or break a student. The online system is designed to help students be successful when it comes down to academic success.

University of Phoenix and University Library Resources: University of Phoenix library resources are very helpful and useful in the academic process. It can be used for all types of assignments such as researching articles and journals and gives the student all of the information needed to make sure they follow APA guidelines and get all possible points for an assignment. There are plenty of different resource that can be used like the Center of Writing Excellence, which is very useful and helps by making a student aware of different types of errors that they have on their paper work before they submit it to keep points from being deducted. Another good resource would be the Plagiarism checker, which checks assignments to make sure a student hasn't copied or pasted another student or someone else's work, which would also be called stealing and is not acceptable. University of Phoenix library resources also gives you accurate information that you cannot get from other online sources.

Upholding Academic Honesty: Students are expected to be honest and...
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