Survival Essay

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Survival Persuasive Essay

Have you ever been in the Situation where you’re fighting for survival? People sometimes have to go through great lengths and do things they would never when fighting trying to survive through a near death situation. We humans carry a spirit with in us that inspires us to always go on. Ishmael Beah had to turn into someone he never wanted to be in order to survive the civil war that was terrain his country apart. Aron Ralston had to make the hard decision of amputating his own arm in order to survive. In the book divergent, Tris had to choose between her and her friend will in order to survive at gun point. During war, it is know that people living in it will do anything to survive. At the age of 13 Ishmael Beah was forced to become a child soldier for the Sierra Leone government army. He fought rebels in the civil war for almost three years. During that time he had to kill a lot of people in order to survive. He would snort brown-brown, a mix of cocaine and gunpowder that made him even more violent believing in guns, blood, and drugs. He became skilled in executing prisoners of war and was promoted to junior lieutenant. Ishmael had no choice but to do these things or else he would be killed by his own army if he tried to escape. Ishmael was able to survive by doing harmful things that he would’ve never done if he was not a solider but now he says “if I choose to feel guilty for what I have done, I will want to be dead myself. I live knowing that I have been given a second life.” Those words show that Ishmael accepts the things he had to do in order to survive the war that was terrain his country apart. Millions of other children form Sierra Leone had to do the same things in order to survive. Wars break down people and force them to do things they would never do sometimes becoming more deadly in order to survive. Going canyoneering can be dangerous and sometimes turn into a life and death situation if...
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