Survival Cannibalism

Topics: Cannibalism, Eating, Aztec Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Outline of “Cannibalism: It still exists”
Concept / Assignment 1
Lilibeth Medina
Cannibalism is normally seen as disgusting and perverse. Linh Kieu Ngo introduces to us the true aspects of cannibalism. It is not something done by perverse humans. It is actually a necessity, rather it be for survival or for religious purposes. I. Most people feel they know all there is to know about cannibalism; people eating people. It is a lot more complex and Ngo helps us understand. A. There are two main types of cannibalism.

1. Endocannibalism: Eating a known person of the group
2. Exocannibalism: Eating an unknown person, an outsider
B. Out of these two main types of cannibalism there are several functional types. 1. Survival Cannibalism: Used as a last resort when there are dangers of starvation. Usually the person dies before they are eaten. 2. Dietary Cannibalism: The “Miyannmin” society practices this type of cannibalism. They capture humans, unknown humans, to be eaten. This is a normal part of their diet. 3. Religious and Ritual Cannibalism: These two are odd considering that they are used in many ways. Cannibalism can be used for sacrifices in a ceremonial fashion, just one person or many. The victim is rarely part of the tribe. Also, in certain African tribes there are many different rituals in regards to fertility. II. These cannibalism practices are used around the world, they are very common inside the tribes in which they are used, for those of us who are not in any tribe they may seem ridiculous or disgusting, even if they may have some type of logic. A. Survival Cannibalism.

1. “In 1850, four men sailing to Australia from England were stranded adrift in a lifeboat after their yacht sank. When one man became seriously ill, the other three killed and ate him after their supplies ran out.” (Cultural Anthropology, What are some examples of survival cannibalism?, B. Dietary Cannibalism.

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