Survey Questions

Topics: Google, Research, Research methods Pages: 4 (905 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Survey Questions Paper
Edward Ligon, Ephraim Iivula, Jeremiah Hruschak, Krystle Island, Mark Mirenda, and Reginald Graham
November 06, 2010
Armand Di Cianni
University of Phoenix

Research type proposed
The type of survey we propose to assess the employees’ satisfaction at Google Company is a self-administered questionnaire. The idea is to have the sampled respondents at Google’s various departments receive our questionnaire via internet, sent into their inbox. The questionnaire will be designed in a manner that requires the respondents not to furnish their personal identities such as names.

Advantages of our research methods questions (population and sample)

One of the obvious advantages with our research method is that the email application would ensure efficiency of the survey and time management. Internet survey can reach all staffs at Google including those that are spread across the globe that would otherwise be inaccessible by conventional surveying methods. The questionnaire allows freedom of expression given the assurance of respondents’ anonymity. Moreover, the internet-based survey will cover all the sampled respondents simultaneously irrespective of the number of people sampled in each respective department. Mark: The aim of the Google research through the use of open ended questions in the questionnaire is to learn what responses the individual employee will give spontaneously. The use of open ended questions will allow the research to be done and avoid bias that might come from other questioning methods. The advantage for open ended questions allows the respondent to answer in any way he or she wishes. Open ended questioning is a better means of eliciting true opinions, attitudes, and how strongly the opinions are held (University of Bristol, 2010). The advantages of using open ended questions is not only limited to accessing the feelings and true opinions of the respondents. The method allows for extra...
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