Survey on Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Push-button telephone, IPhone Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Survey On Mobile Phones.
1. Please select an age group:
(a) 12-18 (b) 19-30 (c) 31-40 (d) 40-49 (e) 50-64 (f) 65+ 2. What type of phone would you like to have?
(a)Android phone (b) Slide Phone (c) Tough Phone (d) Smart Phone 3. How important is the design or style (Look and Feel) of a mobile phone to you? (a) Important (b) Very important (c) Extremely important

4. What size of the handset would you prefer?
(a) Small (b) Medium (c) Large
5. What size would you prefer your screen to be?
(a) Small (1.0 to 2.4) inches (b) Medium (2.5 to 3.5) inches (c) Large (3.6 to 4.4) inches 6. What method of interaction do you prefer when using mobile phones? (a) Touch Screen (b) Keypad (c) Physical Button

7. Should the button used to disconnect a call be labelled as “End,” “Stop,” or should it be labelled with an icon? (a) Button (b) icon


8. Should the button used to connect a call be labelled as “Send,” “Call,” or should it be labelled with an icon? (a) Button (B) icon


9. Would you prefer a single button that will start and end a call, or would you prefer two distinct buttons for starting and stopping a call? (a) Single button to do both (b) Two separate buttons: one to start a call and one to end it 10. Would you prefer having all of your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls listed together in your call log or would you prefer them to be grouped accordingly? (a) Listed together (b) Listed in groups

11. Would you prefer your mobile phone to have its main menu presented as a numbered list or with icons? (a) List (b) Icons
12. What functionality would you prefer to have on your Mobile Phone? (a) camera: - 1. Low 2. High
(b) Mp3 player: - 1. Low 2. High
(c) Bluetooth: - 1. Low 2. High
(d) Email apps: - 1. Low 2.High
(e) Document reader: - 1. Low 2. High
13. How much are you willing to spend on a mobile phone?
(a) 5000 to10,000...
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