Survey Example, Cafs Hsc Irp. Teen Drinking Rural vs Urban.

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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“Rural Vs Urban: The effects of underage drinking”

As part of my HSC, for the subject Community and Family Studies, I have to complete an Independent Research Project (IRP) on a topic of my choice. I have chosen the effects of teen drinking between rural and urban areas. It would be greatly appreciated if you were able to take the time out and complete this survey. Please understand that ALL information is confidential.


1. Have you ever had an alcoholic drink?
If no, please go to question 22; page 8.
2. How often have you had an alcoholic drink in the past 12 months? Not at all
Just on special occasions
Less than once a month
Once or twice a month
Once a week
2–4 days a week
5–6 days a week
Every day

3. How old were you when you first started consuming alcohol?


4. What do you mostly drink?
Please specify the name (e.g. If you ticked Pre-Mixed –Cruisers, Midori... Etc). ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. 5. In your spare time, what do you find yourself doing?

Multiple boxes can be ticked.

Part-Time Job
School Work
Chilling With Friends
Chilling With Family
Using Technology (e.g. Computer, TV, iPod)
Other (Please Specify)

6. In which of the following places do you usually drink? Hardly ever or Less than Once or twice About once Twice a week not at all once a month a month a week or more Home

______________________________________________________________________________ Friends’ homes
______________________________________________________________________________ Other family
______________________________________________________________________________ At parties
______________________________________________________________________________ Pub or Bar
______________________________________________________________________________ Night club
______________________________________________________________________________ Park or Street
______________________________________________________________________________ Other
(Please write in where):

7. Do you ever feel pressured to drink alcohol?



8. Have you felt drunk in the past 12 months?



9. How often have you felt drunk in the past 12 MONTHS?

At least once a week

Several times a month

Once or twice a month

Every couple of months

Less often

10. When you drink, how do you mostly get the alcohol?
My parents give it to me

From home without my parents knowing

Friends bring it from their home

I buy it

Friends who are under 18 buy it

Friends who are over 18 buy it

I ask a stranger to buy it for me

Other way –please say how:
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. 11. Do your...
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