Survey Analysis

Topics: Emotion, Demographics, Decision making Pages: 6 (1534 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Research objectives:

The objective of the survey was to identify target demographics, purchase behaviour, traits and recommendations that would enable us to outline and implement communication mediums, which would integrate with the objectives of the organization. The sample consisted of existing customers who had previous interaction with Quality Diamonds and the report presents major finding that would define the path for strategizing marketing activities and incorporate a brand message.


The research adopts a qualitative approach and the main source to collect data were through questionnaires. The questions were designed to extract demographics information and voice of customer, which are of prime importance. The response format in the survey is an important part, since it determines how the data can be used. Responses were collected through an online structured questionnaire that entailed to understand and verify claims regarding the key demographics segment for marketing analysis; and formulating empirical data that would form the basis for future decision making.

The questionnaire were of moderate length with 23 questions, consisting of multiple choice answers, rating and ranking scale. The widely used ten-point Likert scale was chosen for few of the questions that allow customers to rank certain criteria, which enables to determine the relative importance.This scale is designed to allow customers to respond in varying degrees to a statement, i.e. they are not only able to state that they are satisfied or dissatisfied, but also to which degree (Hayes, 1998).


The survey was administered through an online tool that allowed respondents to post their responses and were recorded and stored on the host organization's server. The web posting were publicized through electronic mailing list and the respondents were re-directed to a customized survey link.

Sample Characteristics:

According to the survey the respondent gender distribution consisted of 90 males (71 percent) and 36 females (29 percent).

Figure 1 presents the distribution of respondents by age 45.3 percent of the respondent were in the 26-34 age group and 40.6 percent of the respondent were aged between 34-49.

Fig 1: Age group

In fact, 35.2 percent of the respondents were from urban area and 7.2 percent were from rural. The survey result even indicated that countryside and suburban represented around 15.2 percent and 42.4 percent respectively.

Participation Rate:

A total of 128 customers participated in the online survey which represented 6.41 percentage of the total email customers.

Approach Avoidance Theory:

Mehrabian and Russell (1974) proposed a model for describing responses to an environment. They postulated that responses to an environment can be considered as approach and avoidance theory. Approach-avoidance behavior involves an individual's desire to stay in or leave an environment, to look around or explore an environment, or to communicate with others in an environment.

They described approach-avoidance behavior in four ways:

physical approach avoidance,

exploratory approach-avoidance,

communication approach-avoidance, and

performance and satisfaction approach-avoidance.

Furthermore, physical, exploratory and communication approach forms the basis of discussion for this report. Quality Diamonds has defined a structured path by using online and offline mechanisms to attract customers to their website and upon arrival offers extensive product information and selection choices for customers to make an informed decision. Based on the acquired product knowledge, the customer can place an order online or make a store visit for further consultation. The approaches are discussed below:

The concept of exploratory approach can be transferred to online medium and would explain consumer’s response to emotional state that leads...
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