Surrogate Mother

Topics: Surrogacy, Pregnancy, Family Pages: 11 (3744 words) Published: August 20, 2012
I. Introduction

When couples have trouble falling pregnant, many are prepared to try anything to help them conceive. Women who agree to become surrogates or baby - makers may do so for compassionate reasons. These include a sister, mother or close friend of the couple. They may also do so for financial fee - and this could be a woman, with or without children, known or unknown to the couple, who rents her womb for a fee.

A. Significance of the Study

By way of this study, aspiring psychologists, researchers, and somehow the disgraceful people who practice baby-making as their job will become conscious or aware of the negative effects, especially on the moral aspect, brought by this kind of job. It will be significant for the families, friends, customers or clients, and other people in the baby makers’ surrounding to understand the feeling of being criticized by others together with their feeling of having lessened dignity. Criticized people end up feeling angry, worthless, unloved and undeserving, and their self-esteem drops.

Since this study have an objective of having an enhanced and heightened self-esteem despite of such denunciation, results can serve as an eye-opener to people who keeps on criticizing those pitiful people in the hope to realize developments that will redirect a person’s goals in life.

B. Reasons for Choosing the Case

Many years ago, Maalaala Mo Kaya, a long – time running true-to-life drama show on ABS-CBN, had featured a story about a baby maker. That stunning episode really hit me - it made me realize that baby makers, like any other human being, also have feelings too. From then on, I was badly concerned about those baby makers.

I personally chose this case for a simple reason that it bothers me a lot to hear such a situation like this. I always ask myself why do they have to do ‘baby-making’ as their job whereas there are other decent jobs that may not diminish their dignity as a person. There were also questions that disturb me, particularly those that question their ethics or their moral principles in life.

II. Statement of the Problem

This paper aims or attempts to give a comprehensive picture of the moral problems of surrogate mothers. It further seeks to identify factors why the surrogate mothers often ignore these moral dilemmas.

This paper further aims to answer the following questions:
1. If the surrogate has other children, can the practice of surrogacy threaten the parent-child relationship? Will the children of the surrogate’s family wonder if they too might be given away or sold? 2. If the surrogate has a husband, might not he be vulnerable to develop negative feelings toward his wife? 3. What happens when the surrogate chooses not to surrender the child after birth? 4. What happens when the adopting family does not want the child to whom the surrogate has given birth? What happens if the child is handicapped and is unwanted by the couple and the surrogate mother? 5. Will you tell the child about the surrogacy?

6. Is there a difference between surrogacy and prostitution?

III. The Brief Historical Background

A. of the case

The word surrogate means substitute or replacement - and a surrogate mother is one who lends her uterus to another couple so that they can have a baby. In the West where fewer and fewer babies are offered for adoption, surrogacy is gaining popularity, despite controversial legal and ethical hassles. Which women need surrogates? The commonest reason is a woman who has no uterus. This may be absent from birth (Mullerian agenesis); or may have been removed surgically (hysterectomy for life-saving reasons, such as excessive bleeding during a caesarean). Other women who may wish to explore or to deal with surrogacy include those who have had multiple miscarriages; or who have failed repeated IVF attempts for...
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