Surrogate Branding

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Graphic design Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: September 25, 2010
Title: Surrogate Branding as a tool to build Brand Equity
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Brands perhaps are the most valuable assets an organization can have. Brands create an image for themselves through the constant attention and nurture given to them by the organization. Over a period of time some of the brands become the bread winners for the organizations. Any damage to the reputation of these brands can really change the scenario for the organization. Corporations spend huge sums on the promotion of brands in many ways. One popular and widely practiced method is advertising which is very expensive as it reaches huge numbers. Even when an organization spends about five percent of the sales revenue on advertising a brand the amount in absolute terms is substantial. Having nurtured the brand for years if any regulation bans advertising the brand in public interest it can be a serious problem for the brand owner. The problem of keeping the brand fresh in the minds of the consumer poses a serious problem It is to be expected that the brand owner will not just surrender but will find a creative alternate way to keep reminding the consumer. One such way is to create another product that can be advertised legally and name the product with the same name of the brand that cannot be advertised. These brands have been called Surrogate Brands because they are growing in the womb of another mother. We find in the market several such brands, for example mineral waters and sodas carrying the banned alcoholic drink names (Kingfisher etc). Retail outlets are being given the names of cigarette and tobacco products( Wills Lifestyle ). This is done by the owners of the brands to make sure that the consumer recollects the brand that could not be advertised and develops an urge to consume the brand. Governments are worried about this practice as there is a possibility that the very mention of the name may raise the urge with in an individual to consume an...
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