Surrogacy Legalisation in Australia

Topics: Surrogacy, Homosexuality, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: May 29, 2013
In modern society, homosexual couples (woman and woman, man and man) have become much more comfortable and open about their sexuality that many of them want to have a family of their own through either surrogacy or in some countries where it is legalised, adoption. However, in Australia the legalisation of commercial surrogacy for homosexual and heterosexual couples is prohibited. A surrogate mother is referred to as a woman who bears a child for another woman (Farlex Inc. 2013, The Free Dictionary). Women usually become a surrogate mother because they receive compensation in one form or another from doing it; others do it because a family member cannot produce a baby of their own. Homosexual couples tend to use surrogacy as an option to have a child of their own, as compared to adopting a child. Due to commercial surrogacy being illegal in Australia, it has driven homosexual couples to other countries such as India where the surrogate mothers are not as healthy as the ones in Australia. Commercial surrogacy should be legalised in Australia so people of all sexualities do not revert to other countries where poor women are exploited and help protect the legal status of children there. (Esther Han, December 9, 2012, Sydney Morning Herald)

Through surrogacy, couples of either heterosexuals or homosexuals are able to have a family of their own if they cannot produce one for themselves. There are two types of surrogacy; traditional and gestational. A traditional surrogate is a woman who donates her own egg and then carries out the pregnancy. Their egg is donated from their own body with the sperm of the father or the sperm from a donor. A gestational surrogacy is when the surrogate isn't biologically or genetically related to the child that she is carrying. Through the process of in vitro fertilization, the carrier becomes pregnant. This fertilization is where an embryo or several embryos are created from the eggs and sperm of the intended parents are implanted in...
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