Surrender: Sonya Hartnett

Topics: Mother, Fear, Dog Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: March 28, 2012
Surrender By: Sonya Hartnett
Plot & Conflict
Anwell is dying. He made a blood oath with his friend Finnigan. They agreed that Finnigan would only do bad, and that Anwell chose his new angelic name should be Gabriel so he could do no wrong. It was thought that if Gabriel did nothing but good, he would no longer be abused. Finnigan begins starting fires to the town as revenge to people that have done wrong to Gabriel. Gabriel falls in love with Evangeline, but his mother wants to keep him closed off from the rest of the world. Gabriel has a dog named Surrender and when Surrender is caught eating a farmer’s goats, the farmer shoots the dog but does not kill him. Gabriel’s father then forces Gabriel to shoot Surrender to put him out of his misery. Gabriel tries to stop Finnigan from setting fires but Finnigan refuses, saying that according to the pact, Finnigan can only do bad. Gabriel fears that Finnigan is going to hurt Evangeline. Gabriel’s mother has forbidden Gabriel of seeing Evangeline, so in a moment of rage, he grabs a hatchet and kills both his mother and father. Bones are discovered in the forest and Gabriel is being questioned. In order to stop Finnigan, Gabriel must die. Gabriel has no known disease, his sickness is mentally caused, and he is making himself sick. The only way to make the arsons stop is to take his own life because he created a monster.

This novel is named Surrender because it is the name of Gabriel’s dog. It is also named Surrender because Gabriel has to surrender everything he has to get rid of his evil friend Finnigan. Gabriel pretty much created Finnigan into the monster that he is and Gabriel tries to give up, or surrender everything he has for the greater good. If Finnigan is gone, all the evil in the town of Mulyan is gone and there would be no more arsons which would mean no more trouble.

Gabriel is confusing; he creates Finnigan in his mind because of his brother Vernon. Vernon was handicapped and...
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