Suria Capital Holding Berhad

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  • Published : August 24, 2011
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Suria Capital Holdings Berhad (Suria Capital) is a public-listed company on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Berhad. Listed in 1996, the company was originally established as a financial conglomerate with Sabah Development Bank Berhad and Sabah Bank Berhad operating under its wing. However, following a major corporate restructuring, the company shifted its business focus to a new dynamic sector, namely port services. The strategic move was made possible after the successful acquisition of business operations of Sabah’s key ports from Sabah Ports Authority through a major privatization exercise in 2004. It was one the most significant milestones that shapes Suria Capital’s business direction today. With the acquisition of the ports operations, Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd (SPSB) was created as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suria Capital. Apart from SPSB, Suria Capital has also ventured into other growth areas related to its core business, taking advantage of the current trends and development. It has formed four other subsidiaries, namely Suria Bumiria Sdn Bhd, SCHB Engineering Services Sdn Bhd, S.P. Satria Sdn Bhd and TriCubes Suria Sdn Bhd. Through these subsidiaries, Suria Capital is now involved in several strategic sectors, namely the development of commercial property, tourism, construction and infrastructure as well as information and communication technology. The most recent development was the establishment of a new subsidiary namely, S.P. Satria Logistics Sdn Bhd which is involved in the trading of petroleum products to domestic and international customers as well as in bunkering and logistics services. With this positioning, Suria Capital as a public-listed company is determined to work further towards achieving better shareholders’ values, while at the same time contributing actively to Sabah’s economic growth, in particular, and the national economic agenda as a whole.

SuriaGroup’s business policy is mainly to facilitate its mission of providing superior products and reliable services in an ethical way through our highly-motivated team to create value for our customers.  These can be achieved through:- * Adopting an efficient management system;

* Investing in reliable machineries and port management system; * Increasing staff efficiency and productivity;
* Implementing an organised working system especially at the various port levels; * Implementation of “5S”system as a management tool in the work place; * Implementation of the electronic based Sabah Ports Management System (SPMS); * Providing an efficient delivery system through the implementation of Single Business Unit (SBU) at the port levels; and * Promoting the growth of Sapangar Bay Container Port (SBCP) as a major seaport. Fully operational since June 2007, Sapangar Bay Container Port (SBCP) is the latest addition to the seven (7) ports acquired by SURIA.  Officially launched on the 29 January 2008, SBCP will generate increased cargo activities, in line with the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC). Safety and Health

The Group is committed to introduce and implement Safety and Health measures at its Ports by setting-up a Health, Safety and Environment Department when it took over the operation of the Ports on 1 September 2004. The Group will strive to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational illness through the active participation of every employee.  The Group is committed to continuous efforts to identify and eliminate or manage safety risks associated with its activities especially its core business.  To realise the policy, the Group shall observe the followings:- * Install and maintain facilities, establish Port Health, Safety and Environment Management System, provide training and conduct operations in a manner that safeguards people, property and environment....
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