Surgical Patient Satisfaction Study Critique

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Surgical Patient Satisfaction Study Critique

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
N4325 Nursing Research
Deborah Behan PhD, RN-BC
March 30, 2012
Research Problem and Purpose
The study states “there is a lack of empirical data on the effects of caring on patient satisfaction” and “although European unification opened the borders of each country for nurses, few international cross-cultural nursing studies are available” (Palese et al., 2011, p.342). These comments make a set of very clear, concise problem statements. The problem statement identifies the gap in knowledge pertaining to the patient satisfaction as it directly relates to perception of caring nursing behaviors. In addition, the problem statement provides the researchers with a clear direction for the development of the research purpose.

In addressing these statements, the investigators aimed to answer the following research questions: “What is the correlation between caring as perceived by patients and patient satisfaction? Are there differences across various countries on the correlation on caring as perceived by patients and patient satisfaction? Do caring behaviors affect patient satisfaction?” (Palese et al., 2011, p.342).

In the introduction, Palese and her colleagues discuss the significance and relevance of the research problem to the field of nursing (Palese, et al., 2011). The authors cite several studies demonstrating hypothetical and conceptual correlations between caring behaviors and patient satisfaction. In addition, the authors make a clear case that additional research is warranted, especially with the extension of nursing across borders in Europe. In the literature review, the authors cite several studies describing caring knowledge in nursing, but the lack of true evidence regarding caring consequences. By citing these studies, the authors demonstrate the nurses’ role in helping to improve patient satisfaction. The reference to these studies reinforces the significance and relevance of the selected study on patient satisfaction to the field of nursing. The past studies and the problem statement posed by the authors demonstrate the knowledge needed for nursing practice and provide a basis for the patient satisfaction study. The outcomes of the study directly correlate to the patients’ perception of the nursing care given. As a result, nursing practice could stand to benefit greatly from the results of the study. The study was feasible (Palese et al., 2011). The primary author, Alvesa Palese, RN, PhD, is qualified to conduct the study because she has attained a PhD. In addition, she is an Associate Professor at the University of Udine, Italy. In addition, the researchers were all highly educated, most having earned their PhD, and all of them being Registered Nurses. Thus, Palese and her co-authors have strong research and clinical backgrounds in order to conduct this study. The study makes no mention of any cost involved, only that the Cyprus Institute of Technology funded it. Subjects were readily available in the 34 hospitals involved. The tools utilized by the researchers were developed using scientific principles. Countries were independently liable to ensure the proper permissions were obtained. Literature Review

In the literature review, the authors identified four previous studies relevant to the current research study (Palese et al., 2011). The authors believe that the previous studies did not necessarily focus on the patient’s perceptions of care. Some of the literature review discussed the need for more theory development to support the relationship between nursing and nursing outcomes.  The researchers identified and described theories and models relevant to the current study. Watson’s theory of caring was identified and given a brief description explaining caring as a core concept of...
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