Surgical Insturments

Topics: ISO standards, ISO 9000, Marketing Pages: 20 (3383 words) Published: April 30, 2013
| 2013|
| Ekal surgical works

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Final Term Project

Submitted by :
Zeeshan Ahmad sidhu

Superior University Lahore

Table of Contents
Project Concept7
Company and Market Situation7
Porter Five Forces8
Pest Analysis9
SWOT Analysis10
BCG Matrix12
Advertising & Promotion18
Online Advertising18
Print Advertising18
Market Entry Strategy21
Competitive Advantage24
Regulatory Issues25
Legal Restraints and Certificate requirements for Export of Surgical Instruments25
ISO 901126
ISO 13485:200328
ISO 26000:201030
Managerial Hierarchy32
Financial Analysis34
Profit & Loss Account for Three Years34
Balance Sheet for Three Years37
Cash Flow Statement for Two Years40
Breakeven Point41
Breakeven Graph42


We have no difficulty how to start this page of acknowledgements. All the acclamation and appreciation is for Almighty Allah the most merciful, gracious and beneficent who is entire source of all the knowledge and wisdom endowed to mankind. That we started it all is due to our professor who persuaded us to do it. He worked hard with us as one of our group members in making our projects the ones to be remembered and his meticulous reporting contributed too many of our stages. So our special thanks go to Prof Adnan Rafiq. Without him there would have been a project, but it would not have been the same project. We all worked together on the project almost from the start. There were many people we met during our project and our meticulous observations proved to be helpful in the completion of our project and research. We doubt that we would have finished it without the encouragement of our families & friends. We would also like to thank the assistants of our professor who helped us in making a good project. Many people helped us on the places we visited. They are too numerous for us to name them and we know that most of them would rather we did not. We are grateful to them all. We are especially grateful to our parents. We understood their concern and appreciated their interest.


It is concept of Mr.Umer zaman bajwa, Mr. Zeeshan sidhu, Mr. Umer Arshad, Mr, Adil Nisar, Ms. Ambreen malik who all are experts in their related fields and they all decided to collaborate with Ekal. Ekal surgical works is basically an already existing company which deals in the manufacturing and export of stainless steel instruments and exports it. It basically deals in business to business transactions and does not deal with the individual customers. Due to competitive market conditions and international needs, it has become difficult for Ekal surgical works to sustain growth and remain low cost producer. That is why, we have decided to come up with the idea of increasing our product line and bring the concept of new plastic surgery equipments in the market. To understand the market conditions, we have used different analytical tools like Porter’s five forces model, Pest analysis, SWOT and BCG. The main strength of this project is that this company has already existing experience of 25 years. The weakness we have to deal with is limited capital and some internal inefficiencies. The opportunity that we see in this business is the possibility to increase healthcare market share but at the same time we will have to cope with the unstable conditions of Pakistan. Our target market would be the upper class and we will be using different advertisement tools like online advertisement as well as print advertisement. We will be adopting the diversification strategy to enter into the market. We will have to deal with...
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