Surfing in Hawaii

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Surfing in Hawaii
One of the most memorable moments in my life would be surfing on the beaches of O’ahu, which is a part of the Hawaiian Islands. It was the best experience of my seven day vacation to Hawaii, back in 2008. Luckily, I was able to go surfing three out of the seven days my family spent in Hawaii. The whole idea was my dad’s. He was the one that wanted to go surfing, but for only one day. Thi0s idea did not last, after the first day of excitement; my family agreed that we had to do that at least one more time before we head back to the brutal winter of Wisconsin.

The Hawaiians that owned the surfboard rental shop did not just give anybody a board and said to go have fun. First my family had to take an instruction class. The instruction class was done on the warm sand, just feet from the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. This class lasted about a half hour, and about fifteen people were there, including my family of four. The instructor gave the class every single detail known about surfing, at first it was interesting, but eventually all I wanted him to do was shut up, so I could get out the blazing sun and into the water. During the class the excitement started to build inside me, and during the last five minutes of the class, all I wanted to do was to go jump into the ocean and give it a try. Finally the instructor finished, and the class was allowed to go into the ocean. What surprised me the most was that we were not forced to wear life jackets, and the surfboard shop didn’t even carry life jackets with them.

The class paddled out into the ocean, but only out about 60 feet from shore. Once the class all got together in the ocean, two more instructors came out to help us get started, it was still shallow enough for the instructors to stand. The hardest part about surfing by far was being able to catch a wave. In order to catch a wave, I had to wait for a big enough wave to come into shore. When the wave starts coming, quickly turn around,...