Surface Tension Property of Liquids

Topics: Surface tension, Capillary action, Liquid Pages: 4 (1027 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Surface Tension Properties of Liquids
The purpose of this experiment is to measure and record the surface tension of water and other aqueous solutions using capillary rise method techniques and practicing lab safety. In this laboratory the surface tension of water depends on the concentration of the following solutes; NaCl, acetone, and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). Intermolecular interactions as well as other phases (solid, or air) make a liquid exist. The data collected will show that the surface tension of the liquid is proportional to its equilibrium. Surface tension of water dependant on concentration of NaCl, SDS, acetone, and distilled water all have different results. The different radius results are a consequence of the liquids surface tension and therefore its intermolecular spherical shapes Background

The surface tension of a liquid depends on the properties of the liquid. For example, water is affected by the phases it comes into contact with (solid, air). A cylindrical tube is used to measure a liquids surface tension. Hydrostatic pressure of a liquid is equal to the pressure difference across the meniscus. An isotropic state is when other such molecules surround a mass of molecules in a pure liquid. A molecule that is not surrounded by many molecules is considered to exist at the surface boundary. Procedure

For the first step five to six solutions of NaCl that range in concentration form 0.1 to 0.4M is weighed, prepared and set aside. Next five to six solutions of acetone and water with molar concentrations up to 1.0M were also prepared and set aside. Finally a solutions of SDS with molar concentrations of 2x1.0 -4 M, 4x10 -4 M, 8x10 -4 M, 2x 1.0 -3 M, 4x10 -3 and 8x 10 -3 was massed. To obtain accurate results the apparatus was taken under the hood and flushed with chromic acid a number of times then cleaned with distilled water. The capillary tube was then secured to a stand with a clean small pipet bulb to the top end of...
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