Surf Up at Patagonia

Topics: Employment, Working time, Patagonia Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: November 26, 2010
Surf’s Up at Patagonia.
Question 1) Patagonia stresses the importance of hiring employees with passion- a passion for anything, not just sports. Why do they place such importance on passion? Why would they think that someone with a passion for something unrelated to sports (i.e. cooking) might be an excellent employee for their company? Answer. HRM department of any firm would desire the best employees while recruiting. It is because money and most importantly time is used up in training them. So the main objectives would be to hire very efficient and loyal employees. Efficient and motivated workers would also mean Labor Turnover at its minimum. Through these techniques a firm can save up huge chunk of money which can be invested elsewhere. Patagonia uses a very modern technique for recruiting its employees. A passion for anything would mean that employees would also have passion to do their job. Patagonia sells sports equipments and obviously sports resemble passion. As Patagonia is ‘a firm with passion,’ they also want their employees to be passionate towards anything. So that they can understand the importance of passion on work. This passion will lead to higher efficiency and well motivated workforce. Sincerity towards work will automatically increase and there will be lower labor turnover and absenteeism rate. Highly motivated workforce would also mean greater customer relationship and production of high quality goods. From these it can e derived that Patagonia is the ultimate gainer.

Question 2) What effect do Patagonia’s practices of providing child-care and donating to environmental groups have upon employee productivity and retention? Why? Answer . Patagonia has this amazing child care facility which is ‘onsite daycare.’ Single parent employee’s children can stay at their sight. This will make the employees more secured about their children while at work. Thus, this will create a homely atmosphere for the working parents and will help them to...
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