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 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS• ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS• INTRODUCTION• EXECUTIVE SUMMARY• INDUSTRY ANALYSIS• COMPANY OVERVIEW• FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS• MARKETING MIX OF ORISSA• COMPETITORS ANALYSIS• PROJECT1: o OBJECTIVES o SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY o RESEARCH METHODOLOGY o DATA ANALYSIS § CONSUMER ANALYSIS o CONCLUSIONS• APPENDIX o CONSUMER’S QUESTIONNAIRE o DETAILED FSA  3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe project assigned to us was to study the business and marketing practice, competitorsin business and customers of Surf Excel, for Orissa market. For this a questionnaire wasprepared for the consumers. A sample of 53 consumers was surveyed. The respondentswere interviewed in market places across Bhubaneswar.After the analysis we came to the conclusion that the Surf Excel enjoys a space in the top2 positions in brand recall of the consumer. This is a positive sign for HLL. The researchalso shows that the market share of Surf Excel in Orissa’s detergent market isapproximately 66%. Also, from the survey it is evident that brand name, price andcleansing action are three of the most important attributes a consumer looks for in anydetergent brand. Surf Excel enjoys a good reputation with the consumers with respect toall these attributes.Another thing that we noted in this survey was that Television is the most usedinformation source for the consumer. The exact communication recall however, is verypoor among the consumer. This could be attributed to the ever increasing advertisementclutter, across all media. Thus, HLL should consider looking for other media likeoutdoors.It was also noted that over 50% of the consumers who used Surf Excel, would purchasepacks whose size was 1/2 – 1 kg and did not prefer purchasing the 200gm pack. We triedto find out the reason as to why this practice occurred, but to no avail. HLL shouldconsider promoting this pack size in some way, or phase it out totally.Thus, we can conclude that Surf Excel enjoys excellent customer reviews. It gets specialrecognition for its superior cleansing action, the convenient packs it comes in, the ease it  4. is available with, and the fact that its price is at par with similar products available in themarket today. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. The primary objective of the study was to understand the customers of Surf Excel ( type/ quality/ their decision making style/ source of information that they use for collecting information regarding Surf Excel) 2. The study was also aimed to understand the business and marketing practice of Surf Excel and the marketing mix used by HLL for Surf Excel. 3. Another important objective of the study was to understand the competitors of Surf Excel. 4. Efforts were also made to evaluate the financial strength and market capabilities of the parent firm, Hindustan Lever Limited.  5. INDIAN FMCG INDUSTRYBackgroundThe FMCG sector has been the cornerstone of the Indian economy.Though, the sector has been in existence for quite a long time, it began totake shape only during the last fifty-odd years. The sector touches everyaspect of human life, from looks to hygiene to palate. Perhaps, defining anindustry whose scope is so vast is not easy.Generally, FMCG refers to consumer non-durable goods required for dailyor frequent use. The sector touches every aspect of human life, from looksto hygiene to palate. Perhaps, defining an industry whose scope is so vastis not easy.The FMCG sector consists mainly of sub segments viz. personal care, oral care andhousehold products. This can be further sub-divided into oral care, soaps and detergents,Health and Hygiene products, beauty cosmetics, hair care products, food and dairy-basedproducts, cigarettes, and tea and beverages.Major Indian consumer product companies (like Britannia, P&G, HLL, etc.) have a verystrong presence through their strong brands. Diversified portfolios, wide distributionnetworks and scale economies of these companies deter...
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