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20th December 2007 Dear Madam

Thank you for your letter in which you have asked for my advice regarding the Sure Start

parenting group in your area. I have researched into the subject very thoroughly and have

found a considerable amount of information which I believe will be helpful to you. There

are eleven Sure Start areas in Wales that have been successful in the delivery of a

parenting programme for children at risk of developing conduct disorder (Hutchings et al.,

2007). I am sure you will find this reference very useful in relation to the group you will

be setting up because it evaluates the effectiveness of a parenting programme as a

preventative intervention with parents of preschool children considered to be at risk of

conduct disorder.

With regards to your aims and objectives, which are:

1. To involve other professionals and agencies such as speech therapists, dieticians

and housing officers.

2. To encourage the mothers to take ownership of the group and eventually run it


I intend to advise you on the following areas:

1. The importance of planning to meet specified goals.

2. A relevant health promotion framework.

3. The relevance of macro, meso and micro society needs in order to promote healthy public policy.

4. The consideration of cost, location, duration and delivery.

5. Potential barriers to success and potential contingency


6. The importance of evaluating the programme according to its impact on

immediate and long term health gains.

Although I am sure you are already knowledgeable about the subject I would like to start

by giving an overview of why Sure Start was recommended by the Government and give

you some statistics on conduct disorder.

Government directive on Sure Start

As you are probably aware Sure Start is part of the Government’s drive to tackle child

poverty and social exclusion (NESS, 2005). It is founded on evidence that early

intervention from health education and other professionals can enable children to

succeed at school, help to reduce crime, unemployment, teenage pregnancies and other

socio-economic problems (Malin and Morrow, 2007).

NICE (2006) states that 60 percent of three year olds with conduct disorder still exhibit

challenging behaviour at age eight. Without intervention it is considered that conduct

disorder may still present in adolescence and onto adulthood and can lead to substance

misuse, violence, criminality and enduring mental health problems (Broidy et al.,

2003). Therefore, I am delighted to be asked to advise you upon a worthwhile venture as

this issue is worthy of intervention and I can appreciate the importance of you

setting up a parenting group.

The identification of needs and priorities in relation to planning to meet specified goals

I was pleased to see that you are concerned to plan the initiative effectively for Tones and

Green (2004), two well respected health promotion practitioners and theorists, suggest

that effective programme planning is essential to any form of health promotion activity.

As you know there are a number of factors that influence health choices and these need to

be understood for the plan to be successful. Therefore, although you have identified a

need for a parenting group, I think it would be useful if you actually approached your

client group with regards to what they see as their need. A normative need is...
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