Supporting a Child

Topics: Internet, Self-esteem, Childhood Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: December 7, 2012
How to support children's and young peoples self confidence and self esteem Self confidence can be developed through valuing children as individuals. When pupils come into school they should feel safe and secure in a happy and relaxed environment.A daily routine will help to support this and we can see behaviour deteriorate on those days when the usual routine is disrupted.We can further develop pupils self esteem and confidence by praising and rewarding their good behaviour and their good work.Even if their work they have produced is not up to the quality of the class we can reward the hard work they put in themselves.Pointing out how hard they worked and how focused they seemed to be.Getting pupils to share their work with the class and being applauded for it can boost confidence and esteem as well as getting them to take their work to another teacher or head to show how well they have done. As pupils progress through school they will be expected to make more decisions for themselves.We can help and encourage this by asking simple questions.We can ask pupils about factors which may effect the decisions at that time.Giving information to them about anti-bullying and stranger danger encourages them to think and have the confidence to speak out and say no .Seeing what would happen,in theory,if they made this particular decision,checking to see whether the choice they made was a good one.It is important to listen to their ideas and reasons for the choices they take.Even if i feel it was the wrong decision that they had made,sometimes its better for them to learn by making mistakes than for me to tell them which is the best decision to make.Allowing pupils to lead any new ideas and seeing if these work or not,encourages independence. Ways to support confidence and self esteem

Use positive behaviour
Take an interest in what's happening
Listen to children and respond to children
Use of body and facial language to smile,reassure,gesture and...
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