Supporting Young Peoples Health and Safety

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Unit 5329 - 208

Support children and young people’s
health and safety

Learning outcomes:

1Know the legislative and policy framework for health and safety 2Recognise and manage risks to children and young people’s health, safety and security 3Support children and young people to assess and manage risk 4Respond to emergency situations

Copy of the Health and Safety policy/procedure for your school

Outcome 1

Describe how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in the setting.O1.1

In our school we follow the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and through this our Health and Safety policy is produced. It is the employer’s duty to put policies and procedures into place to ensure that the setting is meeting the standards of the Health and Safety at Work Act, and the employer’s duty to make sure these are followed. The way in which our school follows this Act is by making sure that the building and environment is well maintained, clean and safe. Equipment is stored properly and is regularly checked to ensure it is safe. Hazardous materials and equipment are locked away and we follow the COSHH Act. We provide adequate facilities to suit the needs and abilities of all children and young people and all members of staff are qualified, CRB checked and given regular training opportunities and courses for example, Health and Safety, food hygiene, safeguarding and manual handling. We have a Health and Safety officer who oversees the running of the setting and ensures that risk assessments are carried out and updated regularly, they have to be signed by the head teacher, teacher and practitioner otherwise they are void as the practitioner can say they haven’t read them. When completing a risk assessment there are five main steps to follow; ·The potential risk

·Who is at risk
·Existing control measures
·Risk rating
·Who is responsible
These are put into place to protect staff, children and visitors. Risk assessments could be for example, climbing frame, water play, electrical equipment and slips, trips and falls, playground and kitchen. We also have a Health and Safety at Work poster which is visible to all adults in the staff room. Under this Act It is my responsibility to report any hazards and I follow our Health and Safety policy in which to do this. In my role as a teaching assistant it is also my responsibility to use safety equipment that is provided, for example, gloves, goggles and step ladders. By doing this I am encouraging children and young people to use equipment safely and also making sure that I do not harm myself or anyone else. An example of this could be using a chair to stand and balance on when taking a display down, I could easily fall off and hurt a child or young person, hurt myself, hurt another adult and also encourage the inappropriate use of the chair. Equipment used in schools needs to be safe and appropriate for the individual’s age, ability and level of development. One of the most common safety signs is the Kite Mark, this shows that it has been tested by the British Standards Institution. A CE symbol indicates that equipment will meet European rules. The Lion Mark indicates a toy has been made to the highest standard of safety and quality. I have to be careful in case a child may be too old, young or have a special educational need (SEN) to use any equipment appropriately, if not they may incur injury or harm to them or others, for example, a young child could choke on small parts. Outlined in Louise Burnham’s level 2 textbook; all staff working within a school have responsibility to ensure that children are cared for and safe. The Children Act 1989 and 1995 also require that we protect children as far as we can when they are in our care. This includes preventing and risks which may occur.

As well as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, there is other legislation that...
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