Supporting the Pledge of Allegiance

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  • Published : August 18, 2010
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I believe in the importance of supporting the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools for several reasons. Our flag defines our national identity as the United States of America; it promotes respect for our country, and reminds our youth of our country’s struggle to become a nation. In the first place, we are identified as the United States of America throughout the world by our stars and stripes. Our identity is known throughout the world because of our willingness to give of ourselves. The United States as a whole has always supported our allies in times of war. Our people have always given of themselves to other countries in the form of their time and financial assistance. When problems arise we are the first to help throughout the world. Secondly, the flag promotes respect for our country. If we as a country begin to encourage our children at a young age to respect our flag, they will in turn learn to be respectful of other important aspects of our society. Pledging allegiance to our flag will remind our youth to be respectful of our country and its people. We as a nation have several things to be thankful for: most importantly we are free and many countries cannot make that claim. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we need to remind our youth of our country’s struggle to become a nation. The stripes of our flag represent the original thirteen colonies that began our great nation. Throughout the beginning, our people were hard workers with much determination and a love for God and freedom. Our country has overcome physical hardships and we have united though we are different in many ways. If our youth are encourage to respect our flag and what it represents; I believe they will in turn learn to respect others and their way of life. In conclusion, I believe in our country and the importance of our flag and what it represents. Our youth need to be encouraged to identify with our country, respect our country and remember what took...
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