Supporting Teaching and Learning Nvq 2

Topics: Developmental psychology, Observation, The Child Pages: 30 (957 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Level 2 NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.

Kelly Tracey
Oldham Life Long Learning
Centre No 1053.00

STL2 - Support children’s development

|Carefully observing children’s actions and behaviour can be used to assess pupils academic ability, their social interactions with peers and | |adults, behaviour in certain situations, physical ability and communication skills. | | | | | |K2 | |It is important to regularly observe children to determine if they are well coordinated, at a correct level for their age and if they are | |alert when asked questions. | |The way in which children relate to each other should be observed to determine lots of detailed information without the child even realizing | |they are being observed. | |Behaviour can be observed at lunchtime, in the class room, in the lunchroom, or perhaps out on the playground. | |In the home a parent is able to observe the child interacting with others, his actions and reactions to others. | | | | | |K3 | |Observations should then be discussed with the class teacher who may use the information for individual education / behaviour plans, or | |assessments of progress. | |Ability and difficulties can then be addressed by introducing special worksheets or targets. | |Further action can then be taken if they feel the child needs extra development i.e SEN | | | | |

STL2 – K8, K9 The table below shows the sequence of development for each area and rate of development

|Age Range |Social and emotional development |Children’s behaviour |Communication and intellectual development | |Birth – 3 yrs e.g.| | |E.g. listen to language, learn form world around | | | | |them, like repetitive activities, identify | | |...
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