Supporting Teachind and Learning in School

Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The observation of a 7 year old girl

Date 14-3-13

Time observation started : 1.40
Time observation ended : 2.20

Name of child : Edie

My observation took place at the school Edie go's to and that I help out at. This is key stage one class oak.

The whole class was asked to read their poem's out to their partner's that Miss H has picked, they were asked to move off the carpet and to sit at one of the table's (in a very nice, polite and calm way as Miss h has asked nicely the children respond well and in the some way). Edie then moves with her partner to the table and reads the poem to her giving eye to eye contact. In which this was making them very giggly and fidgety in their seats, after reading, they decided to act it out. While they were doing this they were dancing around using a lot of hand gestures ,(Miss H seem to watch the children as much as she can she stays sat in her own seat so that the children can come to her and show them what they have done, this seems to work well for Miss H) they are learning about South Africa and the animals that lived there. They were asked to stop but miss H does not just say stop she claps her hands and the children will clap back she will clap in a rhythm that the children can clap back to miss H will then asked them to sit on the carpet in which Edie did. They were asked to sit nicely with legs crossed on the carpet,( I feel this also works well as if the children are sat with there legs crossed they do not fidget as much as they would if they were sat on there legs) unfortunately she sat on her knees, then when Miss H is talking to everyone always with a nice smile and voices Edie is looking around to see what other children are up to and not paying attention to what is said and carries on fidgeting. Which I feel she is not listening to what Miss H is saying.

Edie then calls out in which Miss H does not respond too,some other children then get to read out their poems and then Miss H returns to Edie...
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