Supporting Children's Learning

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Ethical Statement

Ethical considerations have been covered by names being changed, protecting all identities of settings and individuals. Consent forms have been signed. Parents have been advised of the right to withdraw.

Part 1

The child I have chosen to focus on is a 3 year old girl who I will refer to as Liz. She lives with both parents and has an older sibling who is of primary school age. Mum is expecting a baby in June. I have been providing day care for Liz for the past 10 months. Observations made of Liz for this assignment were made over a two week period.

The main environment I use is my home setting as I am a registered childminder. I visit local settings with the children in my care such as playgroups, libraries, and parks on a regular basis as these environments provide equipment and resources that I do not have in my setting i.e. large outside apparatus, area’s for messy play, song, rhyme and rhythm time and enables Liz to partake in activities and experiences within a larger group of children. ‘ Enjoying informal activities, such as singing, chanting nursery rhymes, joining in with acting songs, sharing books and oral stories and playing and listening games, makes an important contributions to literacy development and is essential to the learning environment that early years practitioners must provides’ (Study Topic 14, p.44)

For this assignment I have chosen communication and language (CLL) in conjunction with the assigned area of personal, social and emotional development (PSED) because language and communication is an essential part of our personal and social development, concurring with the Open University (OU) saying “it supports the development of knowledge and understanding of the world, expressive, aesthetic and creative growth, and mathematical, scientific and technological learning’ (Study Topic 13, p.11)

I work within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Guidance, which advises the PSED early learning goals are a way of ensuring “Children must be provided with experiences and support which help them to develop a positive sense of themselves and of others, respect for others; social skills; and a positive disposition to learn. Providers must ensure support for the children’s emotional well-being to help them to know themselves and what they can do’ (DCSF 2007, p.12)

As an early years practitioner I must ensure that to help and support children to reach the early learning goals within CLL, “Children’s learning and competence in communicating, speaking and listening, being read to and beginning to read and write must be supported and extended. They must be provided with opportunity and encouragement to use their skills in a range of situations and for a range of purposes, and be supported in developing the confidence and disposition to do so”. (DCSF 2007, p.13)


In compliance with the EYFS and its principles to provide, support and extend children’s learning and development, I compile weekly plans (see appendix 5). This allows me to bring in new experiences for Liz. Gives me opportunity to extend her interests which I’ve observed, enabling me to monitor her learning and development, plus her wellbeing. My plans allow me if need be, the opportunity to provide additional support for Liz in any areas of learning and development that may be of concern to me or her parents, either within my setting or through other outside agencies or professionals.


I agree with the OU that an important aspect of children’s PSED is ‘maintaining a positive link with parents and having an understanding of children’s lives and experiences, including knowledge of their home and cultural backgrounds’ (Study Topic 13, p.108). I build positive links with all parents by asking that they complete an information sheet (see appendix 6) about their child before childminding commences, this is to aid my initial planning to ensure I provide their child a variety of...
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