Support the Choices You Made to Improve the Outlook

Topics: High school, English-language films, Personal life Pages: 2 (919 words) Published: July 13, 2011
I learned that life is very hard and it get harder as you grow up to become a adult. I even learn that some people that come into my life will be a good person or a bad person but it is up to me to keep my eye appeal at all time. I had people in my life that told me as a little girl that I will be a person that drop out of school, have bady and never amount to anything in life. Even I started to think that over the year and it first started when I was in middle school when my sixth grade teacher and when I enter high school it contiune. When I was in my junior year I met a teacher by the name mrs. B and she first help me we the way I talk about myself and how to believe in myself when no one else will. She alway told me that I was beautiful when all this time I thought I was a nobody in this world I came to the point of my life were I said why even try everyone hate you any way. This teacher thought me to care respect myself and other weather was good or bad later she help me in bring my grades up so that I can gradute high school. Mrs. B alway made sure by calling me and stoping by my house all the time but when I graduate high school it was like I lots everything because I later learn she wasn't doing very well in her health so from that point on I told myself no manner what that I'm going to make it in this hateful world that I was born in. That when I started to go to church and the member of the church was very nice and tough me a lot and know that I'm a adult I learn to give myself to god and keep the higher power in charge mold in my life at all time and listen to the lord and from that day on I receive my first job then I became a certfied nursing assistance and a med tech. Know I what to reach higher and higher so I did a lot of soul searching to make sure if I really want to get back it school and that when the school of UMA gave me a phone call. It first I though it was a joke it so my mother said give them a call so that what I did and here I am...
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