Support Teaching and Learning

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Support Teaching and Learning
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Planning, implementing and evaluating activities are a good way to help structured learning, to see pupils progress and for improvements where necessary and if targets are achieved to go beyond and help pupils think for themselves encouraging independence. These 3 things regarding the activity help to choose the right and appropriate resources, the learning objectives to be achieved, cross-curricula links, for instance, for geography using pictures and writing about the country also is linked with literacy.

It helps by asking pupils key questions, then implementing the activity and see what are the learning outcomes and evaluating what happened during the activity and to see points to note for further activities and plans, this is all done through observations, support and organising materials to be used.

When planning an activity, a TA should hold an informal meeting with the teacher and discuss a specific activity the TA is wishing to accomplish, discussing and sharing ideas, what may work and not work for the children and for SEN children also. What resources to use and vocabulary to use to help them, e.g., if it is for numeracy, words like, double a number, number sequence, odd and even numbers. Also addition, counting on, patterns or missing numbers are written on the plan.

Observing and implementing the task to a group of children helps to see how they coped with the task, supporting them in addition using resources, such as the 100 square and number lines to help promote counting and adding on. This also helps children who do not know how to count to 10 yet by repeating the counting numerous times. By observing them we can see what they found difficult or were confident enough to work independently or team up children to help each other and supported children who found it too difficult. Feedback is very important and helps the TA and class teacher to assess the children and their abilities.

Evaluating is a good way to help analysis resources used and look upon oneself to see if you could have supported the children differently or better to achieve their targets. This also helps to see who found it hard or easy and suggestions for the future. Also to see who followed instructions and who did not. This will help towards their IEP’s and work towards their targets and set new ones if necessary.

There are many different resources used in schools which aid to visually or practically understand a subject and help to develop and broaden their experiences, as well as, cognitive learning. Here is a short list out of the numerous resources schools use:-

Flash Cards
Pictures matching words
Bright coloured paper
Whiteboards and pens
Counting blocks
Rice or dried pasta used for measuring and making instruments •Sports equipment

I have listed 5 and how they contribute to learning in schools:-

Rice – Using rice or dried pasta is a good resource for demonstrating measuring on weighting scales to help students learning how to read scales and helps with investigations on volume. This can also be used to make musical instruments.

Television – This can aid media studies, drama or helping children learn their green cross code by visually learning about a subject.

ABC Flash Cards – This resource supports literacy and phonics, and to match the sound to the card and observing if the child understands their alphabet randomly.

Books – This aids all subjects, and promotes reading, comprehension, grammar, punctuation and for younger ages, their letters and sounds.

Maps – This aids subjects, such as, geography and helps children to understand the world around them and distances between countries, capital cities and various other information to...
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