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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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HSC 3022 Support individuals to live at home

|Title |HSC 3022 Support individuals to live at home | |Level |3 | |Credit value |4 |

|Learning outcomes |Assessment criteria | |The learner will |The learner can: | |Understand the principles of supporting individuals to |Describe how being supported to live at home can benefit an individual | |live at home |Compare the roles of people and agencies who may be needed to support an | | |individual to live at home | | |Explain the importance of providing information about benefits, allowances and | | |financial planning which could support individuals to live at home | | |Explain how risk management contributes to supporting individuals to live at | | |home | |Be able to contribute to planning support for living at| Identify with an individual the strengths, skills and existing networks they | |home |have that could support them to live at home...
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