Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety

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Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety

By | November 2012
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Unit 334: Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

Task 1

1.1 A description of the factors to take in to account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services

There are a number of factors to consider when planning safe environments and services for children and staff alike. When considering indoor spaces, all rooms should be laid out and structured so that all users have enough space to move around with comfort, and be able to access materials and equipment with ease. The organisation of the room and objects within it should always be adequate for the number of people to be using that space. To ensure upmost safety with an indoor environment, detailed Risk Assessments should always be carried out prior to its use, and the following factors should be taken into consideration: * Organisation: The layout of furniture / equipment in the room should be so that it maintains clear pathways around the room, and clear access to all fire escapes. Equipment and resources should also be stored away safely so that it does not create hazards. These stored items should be clearly labelled in their drawers and cupboards to ensure they are easily accessible, and children can find it easily. Items that are potentially hazardous to health (e.g. cleaning chemicals) should be kept locked away to prevent access for children. COSHH records for these substances are also kept readily available. With equipment, we should also ensure it is never over stacked or stored dangerously. Other things like electric cables or other trip hazards should also be stored safely. Although risk assessments are important to follow, things do get moved from day to day so it is important to keep cleaning and tidying, and keeping the safe environment as you go through the day. * Light / Noise: We must ensure that the room has sufficient lighting and is not too noisy for the children to work in without discomfort. As well as having sufficient...

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