Supply Chain of Viyellatexgroup

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Executive Summary3
1.1 Origin of the report6
1.2 Objectives of the Report6
1.2.2 Specific objectives include the following6
1.3 Scope of the Report7
1.4 Methodology7
1.5 Limitations8
Organization Profile: Viyellatex Group9
2.1 Units of Viyellatex Group10
2.1.1 Viyellatex Garments Ltd.11
2.1.2 Viyellatex Fabric Unit11
2.1.3 Laboratory:11
2.1.4 Viyellatex Woven Unit (Interfab Shirt Manufacturing Ltd.)12 2.1.5 Viyellatex Printing Unit12
2.1.6 Viyellatex Spinning Unit12
2.1.7 Viyellatex Accessories Unit (Fashion Plastic & Packaging Ltd. ;FPPL)12 2.1.8 Logistics Management13
2.2 Corporate Culture13
2.2.1 Vision13
2.2.2 Mission13
2.2.3 Values13
2.3 Departments of Viyellatex14
2.3.1 Techno Business15
2.3.2 Information Technology (IT)15
2.3.3 Finance15
2.3.4 Human Resource Management15
2.3.5 Compliance Division16
2.3.6 Support Services17
2.3.7 Commercial17
2.3.8 Maintenance17
2.4 Company Profile: Viyellatex Garments18
2.4.1 Departments of Viyellatex Garments18
2.4.2 Stakeholders21
2.4.3 Employees22
2.4.5 Customers22
Downward Supply Chain in RMG sector of Bangladesh24
3.1 Cotton24
3.2 Yarn and Thread25
3.3 Fabric (Knitting and Weaving)26
3.4 Dyeing26
3.5 Printing26
3.6 Accessories27
3.7 Lead Time27
3.8 Sourcing of Raw Materials28
3.9 Downward Supply Chain Management28
3.10 Links within the Supply Chain29
Current Backward Supply Chain in Viyellatex Garments31
4.1 Cotton37
4.2 Yarn and Thread37
4.3 Knitting38
4.4 Dyeing38
4.5 Washing39
4.6 Printing39
4.7 Embroidery40
4.8 Accessories40
Findings and Suggested Areas of Improvement42
5.1 Findings42
5.1.1 Different floors for sewing and finishing42
5.1.2 Cutting Floor Plan44
5.1.3 Accessories booking47
5.1.4 High Employee Turnover Rate48
5.1.5 Quality team48
5.2 Suggested Areas for Improvement49

1.Air Freight Scenario for G-Star in the year July 2009- June 2010539 2.Customer (G-Star) claims in last 1 year539

List of figures

Figure 1: SBUs of Viyellatex Group10

Figure 2: The organizational chart of corporate governance14

Figure 3: Organizational chart for the different software uses in Viyellatex Group20

Figure 4: Stakeholders of Viyellatex Group21

Figure 5: Supply Chain of Knit garments27

Figure 6 :Current Backward Supply Chain in VTG33

Figure 7: Order Execution Process of Viyellatex Garments35

Figure 8: Different types of printing done at Viyellatex Printing unit40

Figure 9: The common process followed for knit garments development42

Figure 10: Knitted garments’ travel to finishing floor43

Figure 11 : Multiplicative probability tree of a sewn garment to finishing dept. in current set up43

Figure 12: Existing cutting floor plan45

Figure 13 : Rearranged cutting floor plan46

Figure 14: Substitution for stickers used as identification marks50

List of Tables

Table1 : Management Salary Structure

Table2 : Most significant customers of Viyellatex

Table3: Typical Lead time Components. (Source BGMEA)

Table4: The normal lead time for Accessories

Executive Summary

Viyellatex group is well renowned RMG factory of Bangladesh in the global arena. The core business of the group is RMG and it has a 100% knit composite setup with its strong backward linkage facilities. Recently it has expanded its business in forward linkage too through starting a logistics management business focusing on RMG sector. The group has approximately a US $200 million business where the core SBU Viyellatex Garments contributes a mere US $53.5 million. But among its eight SBUs it is the highest contribution. Viyellatex keeps a congenial relationship with the employees by paying them at least 20% higher than the market and providing them various facilities and good working environment. Having knit...
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