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SCM Transport| The Super Transport System|

SCM Transport| The Super Transport System|

Table of Contents
United Parcel Service Overview
Industry Impacts
Industry Overview 2009 & 2010
Organisation of the System
Movement of freight

United Parcel Service
To transport people or services in the twenty first century, the process can either be a long haul one or a short crisp and clean journey, of course depending on what exactly is being transported and where the point of origin is and the final destination. Supply Chain Management is the procedure by which this is done “...moving from one location to another, safely, conveniently, and as economically as possible. Goods must be moved to a point of Distribution in order to be made available to the ultimate customer.” Lennon, SCM Transportation 2010

Transportation and logistics are crucial to our economy and society. As well as been responsible for the process of moving people and goods, the worlds transportation and logistics service is accountable for the creation of many concepts and inspiration for new technology.

Transport is the means or process by which people and goods are moved from one location to customers, safely, conveniently and as economically as possible. - Logistics, The Stores, Inventory Control, Transport and Distribution Aspect. McInerney, 2000

From the invention of the first steam engine to the twenty first century fuel powered aircraft, express vessels and even transportation to outer space our economy has improved immensely with expertise and knowledge always improving in relation to transportation. Currently there is a great variation in the market for both domestic and industrial usage. Time is no longer a problem when it comes to moving from one continent to another. It only takes a matter of hours compared to the long process which once took months.

Communication worldwide has benefited from these improvements and this has a knock on effect on businesses. Different communities and societies now correspond with each other, transportation is always generating relations and theses relations have a major role in our society, in development, social, regional and economic consistency in the world. From every standpoint in a business operation a well organised and competent arrangement of transportation is vital. Manufacturers, customers and finally the consumer all need a reliable efficient system in place so that they can operate from. The manufacturer entails transport in both an inbound and outbound manner. A good system in this example will result in less capital engaged in stock because supplies can be acquired faster; therefore the manufactures company at large will have a better cash flow system. Also a cheaper rate of transportation will mean the company will have a higher profit margin and their chance of succeeding will increase. To the world at large there are many advantages of an efficient transportation system including new markets, increased standard of living, etc as well as some weaknesses such as exploiting of inferior nations and the impact on nature along with many other predicaments.

Elements of an idyllic transport arrangement are determined by expenses, safety, speed, convenience, flexibility and reliability, these elements come considered when choosing a mode of transport. On all sides of the globe there are many different means of transportation. They comprise of the well known road, rail, air, water and the lesser known pipeline, cable and space. The selection of the most appropriate style of transportation from the manufacture to the end customer or the movement of basically anything or anybody involves these elements of the transportation arrangement.

In correspondence with the transport system at large and taking all the elements of...
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