Supply Chain Management - Logistics in Retailing

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Nestle Marketing Plan and Strategy with Logistic Framework
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The competitive environment for food processing forms has transformedextremely in the past two decades. Consumers in geographically dispersed, developing and conventional markets are demanding higher quality yields at lower cost unfortunately in a shorter time. Consequently, food processing firms have been required to reorganize their food processing activities and readjust their global marketing and supply strategies. Nestle has moved fromvertically integrated, centralized, single site processing facilities to geographically spread networks of resources. Pursuant to acquire technological experience and asset swiftly, or to attain a local existence in both new and distant markets, other strategic partners are progressively part of the network structure. Firms and partners are connected in what we refer to as the new processing enterprise. Nevertheless, what may not be apparent is the increasingly significant role of logistics in the effective and efficient operation of the production networks in Nestle. This paper serves the purpose to develop a conceptual model of processing that explicitly identifies the emerging role of logistics in linking new processing strategies and organizational structures that have advanced in response to new competitive pressures. Marketing Strategy in Nestle

According to Nestle Marketing Relation, the elementary marketing strategy of Nestle was to make brands for each their product as a substitute of focusing on creation of brand value for the whole company, thus never tolerating cannibalization of their products and acquiring multiple brand value for the whole company. The vision of the firm could be summarized as follows;Produce and sell first-class products of the highest steady quality, convenience and reliability based on business quality principles throughout their operations; Be the best multinational firmin food, nutrition and wellness;Be an accountable corporate citizen, satisfying all obligations to Government, communities shareholders, and customers; Capitalize on the usage of good quality limited raw materials; Be an classical employer with anadvanced human resource and social policy; Guarantee that all foodstuffs manufactured, imported and circulated by Nestlé Malaysia are licensed HALAL by authorized Islamic certification authorities; Convey shareholder value through the attainment of sustainable and money-making long-term growth. Abiding to the above vision statements the firm has been able to uphold the marketing and branding exceptional and hence ahead of the competitors. Key Success Factors

According to an article in the Advisor Middle East magazine, (2010) Nestle has the following key success factors: Continuous Enhancement Programs: Continuous enhancement includes innovation in introduction of new products but equally essential is perfection in quality to be better than other players, perfection in distribution network which will help Nestle to be the best. Consumer Insight: So as to sustain success, the firm must have understanding of the customers varying needs, they have to be dynamic and innovate. Nestle has been successively done this for last number of decades. Development of Personnel: Every company's concern is the development of its personnel as that brings the Good-will factor among the workers and will result into lower erosion and achieve higher productivity. Regionalization:Regionalization refers to the regionalization of foodstuffs and raw resources finding which means that the firm will run like a self-governing entity in each distributed region with its own goals and resources. Social Responsibility:Social responsibility is about building good will among the individuals where the Nestle operates, about the public which helps and lets Nestle grow and use its resources and finally the protection and responsibility concerning...
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