Supply Chain Management in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Topics: Paper, Supply chain management, Recycling Pages: 13 (4189 words) Published: December 6, 2012

SUBMITTED BY: Bilal Muzaffar, Mohammad Haider, Naseem Ahmed, Rida Shoaib, Sarah Sohail, Sana Fayyaz | | packages limited| SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT|

Main operations4
Definition of packaging4
Definition of paper and board4
Distributor selection5
Push Pull view5
Drivers of supply chain performance5
Inbound logistics6
Out bound logistics6
Cost of production7
Consumers purchasing factor7
Pricing policies of competitors7
Government taxes7
Area pricing7
SWOT Analysis8
Total quality management9
Environmental responsibility/ Eco friendly10
Conclusion and comparison12

The report has covered the supply chain process, organizational approaches and systems of the paper and board division of packages limited. The work has been divided into three phases , collection phase, investigation phase and practical phase. The information and data has been collected through primary and secondary research. Primary research included personal observation and interview from Talha Ahmad Iftikhar working as vendor development officer in packages limited. For the secondary research different published data, the official website of packages ltd and our book was referred. The organization is currently operating in supply management instead of supply chain management, but it has future plans to overcome all the hurdles and barriers and become efficient in supply chain management. Introduction

Packages Limited started operating in May 1957 with a paid up capital of Rs. 4.94 million as a joint venture between the Ali group and Akerland & Rausing of Sweden. Initially, Packages produced cartons for the cigarette, tea, confectionery, soap, pharmaceutical products and other consumer products. These cartons were produced from paper and board supplied from mills in Chittacong, Khulna, Charsadda and Peshawar. However the quality and quantity of paper and board supplied was inadequate. Over the years, the company continued to enhance its facilities to meet the growing demand of packaging products. Additional capital was raised from sponsors, International Finance Corporation and from the public in making the total paid up capital to Rs. 31 million in 1965. As a first step, Packages commissioned its own paper mill in 1968 having production capacity of 24,000 tons of paper & paper board based on waste paper, agricultural waste, wheat straw and kahi grass. As the demand continued to grow, it led the company to expand and by the end of 1998 its annual capacity was increased to 50,000 tons of paper & board and corresponding converting ability. Since 1982, Packages Limited has a joint venture in Tetra Pak Pakistan Limited with Tetra Pak International to manufacture paper for liquid food packaging and to sell Tetra Pak packaging equipment. Packages Limited has a large workshop. This workshop is capable of making, repairing and replacing the damaged parts. The RD & Control Department were also established to ensure the quality and standard of the products. Starting with a work force of 500 workers, now Packages Limited is having 2674 employees. In this regard, a separate Personnel Department is there, to look after the problems of the workers. Today Packages Limited is considered to be a leader in Packaging field in Asia. Packages Limited has established an Effluent Treatment Plant because it is concerned about the environment and wants to keep it clean. Packages have completed the balancing, modernization, replacement and expansion program, which began in 1994. This has enabled the company to minimize capacity constraints and improve quality to meet local and foreign competition as well as improve its environmental protection facilities. Main operations

Main operations of packages ltd include: Manufacturing...
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