Supply Chain Management Hw1

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1. Visit the Web sites of companies such as Wal-Mart, Dell, and Home Depot and see if you can find discussions of their supply chain management activities. List what you can find, in terms of purchasing/ supplier issues, transportation, ware-housing, purchased item quality, and customer service.


2. Go to a good Internet search engine such as Google and search on the term sup-ply chain management. How many hits did you get? Describe five of the Web sites found in your search.


3. Go to http:// www. agrichaincentre. com ( or a similar Web site found when searching on New Zealand supply chain management) and discuss the current state of supply chain management in New Zealand.

Internet Questions (Ch. 2) 


1. Go to the World Trade Organizations Web site, and use the information to write a report that includes ( a) the functions of the WTO, ( b) the latest number of membership countries, ( c) its relationship with GATT, ( d) the number of countries that had originally signed the GATT by 1994, and ( e) the last five countries that became members of the WTO.


2. Go to the Institute of Supply Managements Web site and use their ISM Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms to explain the terms: ( a) supply management, ( b) materials management, ( c) procurement, ( d) purchasing, ( e) sourcing, ( f) acquisition, ( g) sole sourcing, and ( h) single sourcing.


3. Go to the European Unions Web site, and use the information to write a report that includes its brief history, membership countries, and the euro.


4. Utilize the Internet to search for the thirteen incoterms. Write a report to explain the primary purpose of the terms in general, and then describe each of the thirteen terms individually.


5. Go to the General Services Administrations Web site and use the information to write a brief report to summarize the roles of GSA. In addition, discuss the roles of the Federal Acquisition...
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